T Square Tips

Moving in the Winter Months- Let T Square Movers Help!

Realtors want to do everything possible to ease their client’s home buying experience. One common misconception that comes up is to just avoid moving in the winter altogether, but that is not necessary! Also, there are several perks to moving in the winter!

During winter months, it helps to have some expert insight into managing a winter move. (This is where T Square Movers comes in because we know all the ways to move safely and still save time, money, and most importantly keep your family out of the cold!) Moving during the winter has several perks, like lower interest rates and increased availability of T Square Movers (great news for your client!). However, winter moving also poses some challenges. If you are planning a move in the coming months—whether you are a real estate agent or someone looking for some winter-moving tips—the experts at T Square Movers are happy to help you with a Winter Checklist to get you prepared for your upcoming move.

1. Call T Square Movers prior to your move to help clear snow from walk-ways and driveways before loading the moving van. Also make sure the parking area is clear. Moving dollies don’t do so well on ice and snow! **We also sell Ice Melt!!
2. Protect your home from snow sludge by placing large pieces of cardboard or plastic sheeting over high-traffic areas. Also, have several extra towels available for the moving truck because the movers will need them to keep from slipping.
3. Make hot drinks for yourself to help you stay warm while the doors are open during the loading process. Your moving crew might like some hot coffee or hot chocolate too! Have a space heater on to keep the inside warm as well.
4. Watch the weather forecast in advance to help you plan ahead for moving day and stay updated. Professional movers are able to move in varying degrees, but life threatening weather can alter your move date/time.
5. Have a “Plan B” moving plan in case the weather doesn’t permit with the original date. Always plan forworst case scenarios!
6. Hire T Square Movers to help with move in/out cleaning during this messy winter move to ensure you have a beautiful home to leave or enter!