Heavy Specialty Items

This is a service we offer specifically for awkward items. Think about moving overly heavy items such as a Piano.

Here’s a short list of items that typically require this service.

  • Piano Moving (this could include Spinet, Player, Baby Grand, Upright & even a full size grand piano)
  • Billiard Table Moving (small six foot pool table all the way up to 10 ft diamonds). These require disassembly and leveling by another outside professional
  • Hot tub Moving, Swim Spa Moving, and Sauna moving. We have the best movers Lincoln ne has to offer in this field of moving.
  • Gun Safe Moving (we move all types of gun safes. Anything from a 300lb 12 gun safe all the way up to 1200lb gun safe.)

When we quote a heavy item for moving the pricing can vary dramatically from one item to the next, but don’t worry we have a formula for figuring out the best way to move your pianos.

Lets go over the basic steps and what you will need to obtain a accurate quote for your heavy item moving.

  1. First you’ll want to fill out a quote form. Make sure you are very thorough with your details. The more accurate you are with your information the more accurate your quote will be and the smoother the move.
  2. Next our sales team will ask you to send us some photos of the item, where the item is located and the pathways in which it will be moved. This helps our movers to plan appropriately and be fully prepared to move swiftly.
  3. Sometimes we will also ask for more in-depth information. This could include the Make, Model or estimated weight of the items to be moved. We do this to make sure we send the appropriate amount of guys to handle your move.
  4. After all that is completed our team will review your request, text and email you a quote to review.
  5. If you accept the quote you will be asked to sign a few digital documents and place a deposit.
  6. You’ll then receive a booking a notice and be ready for the job.

Above is just a few examples of heavy items our guys have successfully moved for you local area customers recently.

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