Packing Help

Do you need help packing boxes? Is your move just a little over whelming? We can help you get things under control. Our Lincoln Area Packing Help is very convenient. We have two different options for accessing your packing needs.

Option 1: You can do a virtual walkthrough with us on FaceTime or submit pictures of all the rooms needing pack to us by email

Option 2: We can schedule a walk through with Ashley or Justin by phone call or email through reaching out on our contact page

When it comes to packing boxes having a professional helps to prevent damages. Most moving companies like ours here in Lincoln Nebraska will not insure contents of improperly packed boxes like the one on the left. Your breakables should be maticulously wrapped and cared for properly.

Our packing service is typically scheduled separately from our Load/Unload service. The best strategy is to schedule our Packing Service in Lincoln on the day before your planned moved. This way you don’t waste time waiting on the packers or have too many people getting in each other’s way.

During a consultation for packing services we can instruct you on a rough estimated amount of boxes needed. We will even tell you the style and where to get them.

Some things need specific boxes when it comes to packing.

Specialty Boxes for Packing

  • Tv Boxes
  • Liquor pack boxes
  • Dish Pack
  • Cups and Mugs boxes
  • Book Boxes commonly referred to simply as small
  • many other various boxes


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For further information about packing and supplies please visit our blog


If you are needing assistance with packing, loading, unloading and unpacking, we suggest scheduling them@at separate times to avoid wasting time, money and getting frustrated from unproductive work environments. It’s important for movers to have adequate space to move in and out safely- they often have to maneuver in strange ways to fit bigger items and that can get difficult when there are other people in the way packing or unpacking.

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