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Moving and Packing: Learn about different boxes and what purpose they serve!

When it comes to moving boxes and packing supplies are very important. You want to make sure that your items are well protected. Not packing properly or using the wrong supplies can lead to significant damages and high replacement costs. In this blog we are gonna talk about the different types of boxes. We will go over what they’re designed to be used for and where the best places are to buy boxes.

1. Standard All Purpose boxes

The main box you’ll encounter and probably use the most of is your typical All-Purpose box used for packing most common household items. These boxes are most commonly used for every day items that aren’t fragile or require a whole lot of care. Typical items such as pillows, simple decorations, coasters, maybe small kitchen appliances and plastic wares.

These boxes tend to come in multiple sizes from Small, Medium, Large & even Extra Large. When packing these make sure to take into account the accumulation of weight inside the box. You don’t want to hurt yourself of others by over packing a box.

A Random Assortment of boxes ready to be packed.

2. Kitchen & Glasswares Boxes.

Kitchen and glasswares packing can be very very tedious. This is where having the proper boxes is very key. For this you’ll want to make sure to get a few different types of boxes. There are specifically made boxes for this area of your home. Starting with the Dishware box that comes with inserts to help divide dishes so they don’t clank together. Some moving supply stores also carry wine/alcohol packing boxes, glassware boxes for packing Glasses, Wine glasses, mugs & tumblers.

This is a look at a DishWare box specifically designed for packing dishes and Kitchenwares.

3. Bedroom Packing Boxes.

When it comes to packing up your bedroom lots of things can go into the All-Purpose boxes I mentioned before, but not everything. This is why they make a few different styles of wardrobe boxes. From large and tall, to skinny, or even flat stack wardrobe boxes. Usually your clothes are the most important things for you to protect in your bedroom outside of the furniture naturally. The advantage to packing wardrobe boxes is they allow your clothes to be packed with very minimal wrinkling and extra stain protection.

In this photo you’ll see we have a few different wardrobe boxes. You will also notice a few alternative packing solutions, such as vacuum bags & plastic tote containers.

4. Specialty Packing Boxes.

These consist of boxes made typically for just 1 item of high importance. Usually a Television, Mattress, Mirrors, or Lamps.

These boxes can be found in multiple shapes and sizes. When it comes time to purchase boxes for your packing it’s always good to do a quick inventory of your house to decide what all you will need. If you need help with this stage or just want someone else to pack for you. Consider reaching out to us Contact@tsquaremovers.

Best Places to buy boxes for my packing needs.

My top 3 favorite places to purchase boxes and why!

  1. This one is pretty much a no-brainer choice for me if I have time to wait for my boxes to arrive. The shipping is a little slower, but the price points and variety are superior.
  2. Home Depot Boxes are fairly cheap and easy to find. They also offer Heavy Duty boxes. Great place to go if you need boxes fast.
  3. UHAUL Also pretty much a simple choice. They offer box returns, any box that goes unused they’ll take back. They also offer lots of different varieties for your boxes.