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Meet our Friends at Grizzly Totes


T Square Movers is proud to announce we have partnered with Grizzly Tote!  You can find very good information on them and what services they provide @

They’re great to work with very very seamless.  They provide a green and easier alternative to buying boxes for your move.  You simply go to their website and reserve however many totes you need for your move.  They’ll drop them off ready to use at your Old house.  You simply just pack your belongings and move to your new house and unpack.  Then after you’re done with them they’ll come pick them up.  You’ll save money on boxes/tape/labels/markers all of it!!  And you won’t have a huge nasty pile of old boxes in your garage waiting to throw out and waste!  Give us a call to find out how we can even get you a small discount on GRIZZLY TOTE!

Here’s a few previews of the Totes in action!