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Save money on moving costs with Affordable Movers

Save money when you’re preparing to move.

Lets talk about saving money on your moving expenses.  So you just bought a new house or finally moved into your very first apartment.  Relocating your belongings can be very expensive and extremely stressful.  Don’t worry though.  T Square Movers is here to help you navigate this and save money.

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When you consider buying or renting a new place you should always start with considering your budget.  How is this going to impact my pocket book and how can I do this affordably? Let’s save money!

Here is a short list of a few things to consider when preparing to move.

  • Move during the off-season.
  • Toss, donate or sell unneeded belongings.
  • Rent a moving truck.
  • Pack well.
  • Have a plan of action.

Ok so lets go over this list and see how T Square Movers can help you.  Moving during the off-season can usually be much more affordable.  It also tends be easier to get the date and availability you’re looking for.    As for decluttering this is also very important.  When it comes to hiring movers wether you hire T Square Movers or a full service company the amount of stuff to be moved is important.  In most cases full service companies charge by the Volume or Weight of your total load of items.  Moving unnecessary items just adds to your costs.  This also applies to companies like ours that charge by the hour.  Moving useless items adds to the time.   Now when thinking about how to actually move your items to the next location this part can be key.  Most full service moving companies charge by the hour for you to use their Box Trucks!   Sometimes as much as $150 per hour just for the truck.  That’s before even considering the cost of the movers to move your items.  You can usually save upwards for 20-60% by renting a moving truck from Uhaul, Penske, or even Budget.  This is where the real savings then come into play.  After renting a truck lots of moving companies, us included have cheaper rates when providing your own moving vehicle.

So when it comes time to pack your stuff.  Always make sure to pack well.  What I mean by this is be fully prepared for when your movers arrive.  You don’t want to be still packing when they arrive.  This can lead to clutter.  Items in the path of movers while they’re carrying your things.  It also make it harder for the mover when they need to ask you a question or seek directions.  That’s where having a plan of action comes into play.  The more readily available you are for your movers the quicker the process.  The quicker the process the more money you can save.   For more advice feel free to reach out to us.  We Enjoy making your move as easy as possible.  Let’s See How T SQUARE MOVERS can save you MONEY!

Affordable Movers at a Fraction of the Costs of Others.

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