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Sold your House? Lets make life easy for your buyers

Making the Transition Easy for the New Owner of your old Home.

So you’ve successfully sold your house.  Here’s a list of things you should think of doing to help the new owner have a smooth transition.

Always consider leaving at least one roll of toilet paper in each bathroom.  Nothings worse then on moving day having to use the restroom in your new house and not being able to find your toilet paper.  Also maybe consider leaving behind a little hand soap and or a old hand towel.  Might also be a good idea to leave behind just one trash can somewhere in the house.

When doing your final checks before leaving the house for your last time gather up essential items and information.

I would start with remotes to all devices that are staying with the house.  Ceiling fans, Garage doors, lighting and things of the such.  A good place to leave these is your old kitchen junk drawer.  Everyone has one of those.  Also include in that drawer any spare keys.  Maybe you have a lock on a shed or wall safe.   New owners usually like to also find manuals/warranty information for any appliances along with install dates.   Make sure your water heater/furnace have install/service dates marked on them as well.

How about when they move in and something accidentally scratches the wall?   Might be a good idea to leave them that extra paint or stain you probably have laying around.  I’d also consider leaving any spare tile, flooring, trim, door hinges, cabinet handles or anything of the such.  You likely won’t need it in your new house.   I know when we bought our new house it had some odd light fixtures that used bulbs we weren’t really accustomed to seeing.  The prior owner left us a small drawer with a few extra light bulbs.

The next thing you should do is make a list of codes to leave behind.  Maybe your garage door has a code,  security system or even a smart lock on the front door.  Speaking of smart devices it would also be very helpful to leave them a list of Apps they might need enable to use smart devices.  Thermostat app,  Smart light app,  Camera/Doorbell App, things like that.

Do you like your old neighbors?  Did you enjoy the old neighbor?  Maybe pass along a list of the most friendly neighbors along with their names, phone numbers, maybe how they’ve helped you in the past.  Or how about a short list of your favorite places close by shopping centers, parks, car wash, restaurants, and maybe local hardware store.

Beyond all of that there’s one last thing that maybe you should consider.  Services!

Who provided the best internet service in your area?  Who took care of your lawn care?  Electricity, Gas, Best Mobile Phone service in your area?  All great ideas.  What day is trash service and who provides that service?

Now that you’ve got everything setup for the new owner to take over it’s time to start thinking about yourself.

Check out our Services page to see how we can assist with everything else!

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