T Square @ East Campus Community Cleanup

I’m sure you all heard by now about the graffiti vandalism last month in Lincoln. It took us all by surprise… & not a good surprise. The stuff that was sprayed on houses, fences, & city property were so vulgar that I had a hard time even grasping that it was real and that anyone in OUR CITY could be so cruel.

But with a quick turn of events, Lincoln stood on the side of Love. Everyone stood together united to clean up. T Square Movers was one of those that attended.

Please see below for some of the photos taken. It was a moving moment for us, as we were so taken aback by the love surrounding us. We immediately forgot about all the hate as it was instantly washed away with paint brushes and power washers. Everyone came from all parts of the city to help in some way. In fact, there were so many people helping that there weren’t enough jobs for everyone!

Lincoln Journal Star Article about East Campus Community Cleanup with T Square Movers