T Square Tips

T Square Movers believes in effective relationships with REALTORS!

It almost goes without saying that a realtor and mover go hand in hand. But, why? How do we get that relationship; and more importantly, what can T Square Movers offer to realtors to make their lives easier?

  1. Communication- T Square Movers creates a seamless and almost effortless transition into what is one of the most stressful and exciting events in a person(s) life. We do this by getting to know the client and listening to their needs to better understand the upcoming situation and better predict what to offer.
  2. Flexibility- T Square Movers are very flexible with scheduling (and the inevitable rescheduling) of “closing/moving day”. We know how important this day is, and how quick it can change. That’s why we have several crews ready to work together for last minute emergencies and changes.
  3. Knowledgeable- T Square Movers can take a lot of the load off realtors’ plates simply by being able to answer a lot of the questions from buyers. Realtors can feel safe in presenting T Square Movers as a reliable network of support.
  4. Affordable- T Square Movers are affordable. Plain and simple. We do this because we believe everyone should be afforded the ability to hire professionals to help take the stress of moving off their plate without having to take a loan out to do so. This allows the client to save money for more important things like renovations, vacations, or whatever else they desire.

Safeguard your realty business by building relationships with T Square Movers. We are real people who genuinely care about others and put people’s best interest before the bottom dollar. Call us today to see how we can help you!