T Square Tips

T Square Movers volunteering at F St Community Center

2018 will be no different for T Square Movers than it was last year. Our goal is to maintain community support and we just partnered up to Volunteer in March and September at F Street Community Center to cook and serve kids in that area. We are so excited to get to meet the families and hang with them for a few hours. F St Community Center puts on these lunches and birthday parties for the kids through a program called “We Can Do This” that Susan Brown of Lincoln founded. T Square Movers takes our children along to most volunteer community events because we believe it is important for them to be on the right side of things in our community. It teaches them so many important things that school can’t touch on. Usually when we go to volunteer events, we leave feeling like the people we served helped us more than we could’ve ever helped them. ?

If you or any other organization would like T Square Movers to get involved, please feel free to reach out to Ashley at 217-720-2763 or email tsquaremovers@outlook.com. Thank you!

Aonnalee preparing to serve food