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The Alternative to Two Men and a Truck and others.

So in the old days of moving there really was only one main choice. That was your basic all-in-one moving experiences. Services provided by companies such as:

  • MayFlower
  • North American Van Lines
  • United Van Lines

Then later on came a few other options that were just ever so slightly more affordable. These newer companies were:

  • Two Men and a Truck
  • College Hunks Hauling Junk
  • Black Belt Movers

And Lets not forget about all the other Local Moving Companies you have to consider. So In short there are many many choices when it comes to choosing a moving company. Anyways lets get back to main subject and how T Square Movers stacks up to the completion.

T Square Vs. Two Men and a Truck

So looking below you will see a rough quote made by Two Men & a Truck.

two men and a truck quote found on reddit via google search used for a price comparison in our blog.

Using simple deduction you can take the baseline price of $22,640 divided by 97.50 hrs and you get roughly $232.20 per hour for 2 men??? Seems a little high don’t you think? Now I’m sure some of that is to account for fuel and truck fees so let’s just give them the benefit of the doubt and reduce that to a guesstimate hourly rate of $153. We come to that conclusion by assuming that 33% of that rate is the hidden truck costs.

So if my assumptions are correct you’re paying roughly $80 an hour for a truck rental. Why am I saying all this you ask?

Movers that save you money

So here it is when you book with us in comparison in Lincoln, NE for a Local Move our typical services don’t include a truck. You would go rent a UHAUL or other type of moving vehicle. That in total for 24hrs in Lincoln is usually around $75-$110 once you pay for the rental, mileage and fuel costs. Our normal hourly rates in Lincoln for two men typically varies anywhere from $100-120 depending on day/time & area. So now let’s add all this up. Now our rates do sometimes include travel fees used to compensate our guys for drive time.

$120 x 3hrs + $110 truck rental + $40 travel fee = $510 232.20 x 3 hrs = $696.60

Just looking at the small sample size chart about you are saving $186.60 that’s a huge chunk of change for a typical family! So moving on let’s take a look at another moving service and do another comparison. Another to take note of that it’s figured into this equation is most of these other moving companies start charging you from the time they leave the office until the time they return. Our basic labor only service doesn’t do that. So a 3hr quote for labor only is a true 3 hours of work. While with 2 Men a 3 hour quote is probably closer to 2.5 hours of labor.

T Square Vs. College Hunks Hauling Junk

So again looking below you’ll see just a quick screen shot of a quote from them that you can easily find online.

college hunks quote found on google used for a price comparison

Okay so let’s break this down. Though I’m not entirely sure that their prices are universal for this situation we’re gonna assume that they are. As these two locations are 3hrs apart we’d probably be safe to say that the truck and travel fee is probably absorbing some of those costs. So just a guess but normal truck & travel fees could possibly fall in the $200 range. Lets break this all down again another table.

T2 MoversCollege Hunks
$120 x 2hrs + $110 truck rental + $40 travel fee = $390$123 x 2hrs + $200 truck & travel fee = $446
Even in this equation your saving $56 dollars by going with us at T Square Movers.

Most affordable movers you can find.

So in summary under most typical moving situations we are the better cheaper option than all of these big guys out here. We are also a Family Oriented Moving Company. If you would like to know more about what a Labor only Move is check out this link. Here’s another source for you to read up on moving labor.

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