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What to do when your things get damaged during a move.

So you hired movers, packed all your stuff carefully and moved. Lots of times now days people hire labor only moving services to help them move. This has the potential to save you a lot of money on moving expenses. One thing on the other side of the coin though is that it makes it a lot harder to handle damages and determine responsibility when they happen. So I am gonna give you a few quick ideas on how to help ease this possible problem.

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First step when hiring a mover should always be to check their reviews. Cheap movers aren’t good and good movers aren’t cheap. I think just looking at the quality and quantity of their reviews will show you how good they are. Having more reviews shows experience while high reviews shows quality work.

Second step is to always pack your items properly if you need help learning about that check out our other blog on boxes and packing.

So when it comes to good movers the best ones always always take pictures of their work along the way. If they aren’t it’s a good idea for you to go out there once in awhile and just take a few pictures of the load/unload process. You never know when a good photo will come in handy.

Feeding off the idea of taking pictures let’s talk about what to do when damages actually do occur.

You’ll want to take photos of the damage immediately. Don’t move the object and don’t just ignore it assuming it will be taken care of later. Especially if there are multiple companies and contractors involved. Taking photos of the object exactly where it is as soon as you notice the damages helps to determine what exactly was the cause of the damage.

Next you’ll want to reach out to your mover or movers about what processes they have for dealing with damages and try to calmly work through those steps. The calmer and thorough you are with the process and information the more likely you are to get a good response from them as well.

Also always check to see if you have additional coverages for your stuff. Sometimes even the minimum coverage is better than none at all. In some cases homeowners and or renters insurance covers your belongings. Occasionally you can also buy extra property coverage from your movers or rental truck company. I hope that most of this information is helpful to you. If you are moving in and around Lincoln, NE feel free to give T Square Movers a Call we would love to help you.

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